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Our Car Repair Warranty

    We believe in doing every job correctly with the best parts available at the time of the truck or car repair. Our experienced auto technicians know how to do the job and what parts will uphold to the sometimes brutal driving conditions of Sioux Falls and South Dakota.

    Our normal warranty for parts and labor is 3 years (36 months) or 36,000 miles; whichever comes first on vehicles 5 years old or newer; 2 years (24 months) or 24,000 miles on older vehicles. Some repairs do not apply (see below). Warranty work has to be performed in our auto repair shop and cannot exceed the original cost of repair.

    On the backside of each T.D.S. Auto Repair invoice is our warranty.

What Is Covered By The Warranty
This warranty covers the following types of auto repair and services:
A. Air Conditioning, heating and climate control systems.
B. Engine cooling systems.
C. Engine performance drivability, services and repair
D. Emission control system.
E. Fuel systems.
F. Electronic engine management system and other onboard computer systems (engine, body, brake and suspension computers) and cruise control systems.
G. Brake system.
H. Starting and Charging systems.
I. Electrical systems.
J. Exhaust system.
K. Ignition system.
L. Steering/suspension systems, wheel bearings, CV joints,/U-joints, half-shafts and drive shafts.
M. Other minor repairs.

Automotive Repairs Excluded From Warranty
This warranty does not cover repair(s) or replacement(s) except as listed in the above section, even though we may offer other services. Specifically excluded are any repairs involving replacement or removal of internally lubricated parts and other such repairs as listed below. Automotive repairs excluded from the Limited Repair Warranty include:
I. Engine
A. Any internal repairs or replacement of internal components, or replacement of engine assembly.

II. Transmission, Transaxles
A. Automatic - any internal repair or component replacement requiring the removal of the automatic transmission or transaxle from the vehicle or disassembly of same.
B. Manual - any internal repair or component replacement requiring the removal of the transmission or transaxle from the vehicle or disassembly of same.
C. Clutches - clutch component or assembly repair or replacement.

III. Drive Axle/Differential Assembly
A. Any repair or component replacement requiring the removal of internally lubricated components or replacement of the drive axle/differential assembly.
1. Ring gear, pinion shaft and related gears.
2. Associated bearing with above.
3. Pinion seal.

IV. Auto Body, Paint, Molding Repair
A. Any repair or materials related to auto body repair work.
B. Glass related repairs.

V. Commercial Vehicles
VI. Tires
VII. Batteries
VIII. Normal Wear and Tear

    IF ANY T.D.S. AUTO REPAIR CUSTOMER HAS A PROBLEM WITH ANY OF OUR REPAIRS, CALL T.D.S. AUTO REPAIR at 605-338-0198. T.D.S. Auto will work with any individual to correct a problem and help to get you back on the road.

    Our warranty includes Federated Car Care Roadside Assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Eligible Services:
Jump Start
Lock Out Service
Flat Tire Changing Assistance
Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service
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